Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music by Hans Zimmer

Renovatio Records proudly presents the score for the third entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: At World's End. The film brings together the same cast and crew from the previous installments and follows the events of Dead Man's Chest. The plot has  Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, a resurrected Captain Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl joining forces to free Jack Sparrow from the underworld to battle East India Trading Company chairman Lord Cutler Beckett as he uses Davy Jones and his vessel, the Flying Dutchman, to wreak havoc on the Seven Seas of the world and extinguish piracy for once and for all.

For this entry, Zimmer and his Remote Control team returned and provided one of his most solid works to date, in which he incorporated new motifs, while experimenting with older ones, and using a wider orchestra and chorus, taking the music to a whole new level. While both previous entries stand in the "guilty pleasure" ground, At World's End definitely stands out as the most intelligent score in the series, as it has Zimmer and co. moving away from their comfort zone and introducing fresh ideas and new sound palettes, most notably for the Singapore and Brethern Court sequences. Throw in some magnificent and thematic crescendos for heroism, some cutting-edge synthesizer works, awe cues for magical beauty, a notable collection of instruments such as woodwinds, accordions, dulcimers and mandolins for cultural color, incredible intricate action sequences, and an outstanding new love theme that will definitely send shivers down the listener's spine, and you have Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End!!

Walt Disney Records issued an album release for the score in 2007, which was an improvement over the two previous disastrous album scores, though it still failed to fully represent the music as heard in the film, leaving many outstanding tracks out of the package, most notably an incredible amount of excellent music for the final battle sequence. Renovatio Records stands in and brings you a new presentation of Zimmer's score, including a lot of previously unreleased music and a new arrangement that will surely make the listener's experience more fruitful and pleasurable. Enjoy it over and over again, lads!

Track Listing:
1. Singapore (2:58)
2. At World's End (8:51)
3. Jack In The Locker (5:14)
4. The Pearl Returns (1:46)
5. Up Is Down (2:42)
6. Souls At Sea (5:28)
7. Escape From Beckett (6:12)
8. The Brethren Court (2:37)
9. Parlay (2:12)
10. Calypso (4:22)
11. What Shall We Die For (2:09)
12. Maelstrom (5:22)
13. I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time (5:51)
14. The Dutchman Must Have A Captain (2:19)
15. It's Just Good Business (5:04)
16. One Day (4:11)
17. Drink Up Me Hearties (4:41)

Running Time: 72:10

Cover Artwork: