Friday, June 26, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music by Hans Zimmer

Renovatio Records goes into open waters once again and brings you the original score for the second installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The film reunites the cast and crew from the first film and follows the new adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and co., while incorporating new characters, most notably the amazing CGI character Davy Jones, new story arcs and new and astounding action sequences.

The score was once again helmed by Hans Zimmer (this time actually being listed as the composer) and his regular team of collaborators, who together produced a much more experimental score than the music for the first film. With the help of pipe organs, musical boxes and electronic beats, Zimmer introduces entirely new motifs and visits old ones, expanding the thematic content for the franchise. While many film music critics blame the score for its apparent lack of originality, it cannot be argued that it is even far more enjoyable than the previous one and a success in terms of blockbuster entertainment.

The score received an soundtrack release in 2006 by Walt Disney Records. This album proved to be a frustrating listening experience caused not only by the same volume issues that were detrimental for the first film soundtrack, but also by the inclusion of a misplaced and unbearable trance remix track and suite rearrangements, moving away from actually presenting many cues as they were heard in the film. Therefore, Renovatio Records aims at presenting Zimmer's score in the form of an album that includes several previously unreleased cues and in chronological order. Hopefully, this album will provide the listeners (even those who rejected the score from the beginning) a chance to appreciate Zimmer's work as it should have been presented from the start. Enjoy!

Track Listing:
1. Jack Sparrow (Captain!) (6:04)
2. Beckett's Arrival (1:57)
3. Jack In The Box (2:29)
4. A Ship With Black Sails (2:09)
5. Isla De Pelegostos (3:00)
6. Escape From Cannibals (3:06)
7. Tia Dalma (5:43)
8. Tortuga (2:19)
9. Davy Jones (4:32)
10. The Kraken (5:01)
11. To Isla Cruces (2:41)
12. Three-Way Swordfight (4:06)
13. Wheel Of Fortune (6:44)
14. Attack On Black Pearl (3:49)
15. Hello, Beastie (6:30)
16. Fetch Back Witty Jack (4:01)

Running time: 64:13

Cover Artwork:

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